Schools & Nurseries

As a provider of swimming lessons to numerous County Council schools, private schools and day nurseries throughout Essex, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire, we are committed to providing expert tuition to enable schools to reach the standards required by the National Curriculum and beyond.

Based on much lower teacher to pupil ratios ordered by public facilities, we provide quality teaching by qualified instructors using our own private facilities. We make learning to swim both informative and enjoyable.

Our pools are maintained at a higher temperature, which is more conducive to learning, keeping the children warm and happy.

With competitive pricing and fully qualified staff, now is the time to come and swim with First Strokes. Taking Swimming Seriously!
We are able to cater for 30 students at one time and have viewing rooms which double up as classrooms for those students waiting for their lessons. This gives us more scope to group children according to their ability and thus gain more from their lessons.

We provide an array of educational support material to further assist the children with the theory side of their swimming tuition.

Working with the ASA’s School Swim Scheme, we can deliver a comprehensive program in line with the national curriculum requirements and beyond.
We also ensure that the students remain motivated by providing report cards to show their progress and presenting the syllabus in a fun way. Swimming in your PJ’s of course is essential.

If you wish to arrange a meeting to discuss your swimming requirements at competitive rates, please contact your nearest pool who will be happy to assist.

Progressive plan for schools

We are keen to motivate all the children that swim with us to achieve their very best, and run a progressive plan for schools, covering:


  • ASA National Plan for Schools Stages 1 – 7
  • National Curriculum Water skills
  • National Curriculum Water safety – a key area also encompassing a worksheet module
  • Speed Awards for Schools


We supply all award criteria laminated for the school to display to parents and pupils, and each child also receives a report card at the end of each term at no extra cost.  Badges and certificates can be purchased for a small amount if required.

Furthermore we offer an opportunity for schools to run in house galas once a year, during the normal hire time at no additional cost. Parents can also be invited to come and watch the children.

Extra teachers are available to cater for individual needs, or in cases where a small group of children may need additional support our teachers can instruct in the water as well as from poolside to assist very nervous students.

Our excellent facilities have large and comfortable viewing areas, enabling children who are waiting or not swimming to continue with schoolwork.

If you wish to arrange a meeting to discuss your swimming requirements at competitive rates, please telephone us on 0845 838 8950 or email [email protected]