You are level 3

Hammerhead Level

Cool! You can swim with Harry Hammerhead!

At this level more emphasis is placed on the timing, coordination, position and breathing whilst further improving the main three strokes, along with the introduction of the butterfly stroke.

Also included are the retrieval of objects at depth and a greater understanding of the pool environment, along with the dangers, rules and the prevention of accidents.

The distances that the children will have to perform the strokes will increase steadily.

With practice, progression will lead to competence in the perfomance of the skills. To confirm competence the student should be able to perform the skill with consistent reliabilty, based on:- Introduction, Development, Competence and Consistence.

Hammerhead - Level 26

  1. Answer 2 questions on the pool rules.
  2. Regain feet from; an extended face up position, follow rotation through until on the front, swim front crawl back to the side.
  3. Tread water for 1 minute and use a distress signal to gain attention.
  4. Push and glide on back; with a smooth transition to 5 metres back crawl.
  5. Push and glide on front; with a smooth transition to 5 metres front crawl.
  6. Swim 25 metres back crawl.
  7. In a standing position demonstrate breaststroke breathing.
  8. Swim 10 metres of breaststroke leg and arm action

Hammerhead - Level 27

  1. Answer 2 questions on swimming pool pollution.
  2. Swim 1 metre underwater.
  3. Swim 25 metres with a smooth transition from front to back crawl half way.
  4. Swim 10 metres breaststroke with breathing.
  5. Scull 2 metres head first, vertical for 3 seconds and back feet first.
  6. Swim 2 metres breaststroke, perform a head first surface dive to a depth no greater than 1.5 metres.
  7. Tow a partner holding a buoyancy aid for 2 metres.
  8. Depth permitting surface dive to the bottom, place feet on floor and spring up.

Hammerhead - Level 28

  1. Answer 2 questions on reducing swimming pool pollution.
  2. Perform a compact mushroom float and hold for 5 seconds.
  3. Push and glide 2 metres on the back; rotate to front crawl and return to side.
  4. Swim 15 metres of breaststroke with breathing.
  5. Using a buoyancy aid; float motionless for 1 minute.
  6. Tread water for 1 minute; perform a feet first surface dive to retrieve an object from below the surface.
  7. Swim 2 metres on the back or front; using a dolphin like leg action.
  8. Swim 50 metres; 25 metres back and front crawl consecutively.

Hammerhead - Level 29

  1. Identify areas around the swimming pool that could be dangerous.
  2. Regain feet from; a back push and glide, smoothly follow rotation through until on the front, swim front crawl back to the poolside.
  3. Swim 20 metres breaststroke with correct breathing.
  4. Using 2 recognised strokes swim 75 metres.
  5. Swim front crawl for 5 metres demonstrating lateral breathing.
  6. Swim front crawl for 5 metres demonstrating bilateral breathing.
  7. Push and glide below surface; swim 2 metres dolphin like leg action.
  8. Perform 1 rescue from the list of scenarios.

Hammerhead - Level 30

  1. Give 3 examples of accident prevention.
  2. Swim 25 metres breaststroke with breathing.
  3. Swim 25 metres front or back crawl with correct breathing.
  4. Swim 100 metres of 2 recognised strokes.
  5. Scull 5 metres feet and head first consecutively.
  6. Perform 2 poolside entries into unknown water.
  7. Scull in a vertical position without using the legs for 10 seconds.
  8. Retrieve from a depth of 1 metre, 2 objects of a distance of approximately 0.5 metres apart.