Find Your Level

Can you swim without armbands or floats?

Can you swim 5 meters front & back paddle unaided?

Can you swim 10m front & back paddle without stopping?

Can you swim 25m front & back paddle and swim 15m showing front crawl breathing to the side?

Can you swim continuously for 75m showing 25m front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke and tread water for one minute?

Can you swim 100m front crawl, 100m back crawl and skull 10m forward and backwards and understand and perform bilateral breathing and lateral breathing?

Can you swim 200m showing 3 recognised strokes with correct turns, swim 10m butterfly and have an understanding of personal survival and basic lifesaving?

Can you swim 400m using 3 recognised strokes showing all correct racing sarts and turns and swim in clothes and remove safely in the water?

Can you swim 850m using a combination of all 4 strokes, swim 50m of each stroke showing correct starts and turns and tow a casualty 10m to safety?

To Find Your Level of swimming ability please answer the questions that follow. If you get lost, or make a mistake click the ‘Go Back One’ or ‘Start Again’ buttons.