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Swordfish Level

Magnificent! You can swim with Saber Swordfish!

Advanced lessons are for children that understand and are proficient in the three main strokes over a distance of 100 metres, and are able to tread water and carry out surface dives.

The three main strokes are further developed with more emphasis on butterfly. The children are introduced to the different methods of turning such as tumble turns. Advanced rescue techniques are covered along with first aid.

All four strokes are further developed to be more efficient and effective at speed and over long distance. Bilateral breathing control and the beginnings of competitive starts and turns are introduced.

With practice, progression will lead to competence in the perfomance of the skills. To confirm competence the student should be able to perform the skill with consistent reliabilty, based on:- Introduction, Development, Competence and Consistence.

Swordfish - Level 31

  1. Explain what you should look for when visiting a pool for the first time.
  2. Demonstrate holding the poolside trickle and explosive breathing.
  3. Perform a headfirst surface dive and retrieve 3 objects from a depth of 1 metre.
  4. Push and glide with a smooth transition to front crawl swimming 5 metres.
  5. Using a combination of 3 recognised strokes swim 100 metres.
  6. Perform a forward somersault.
  7. Perform a rescue from the poolside using the appropriate piece of equipment.
  8. Tread water for 30 seconds over an object; perform a feet first surface dive to retrieve it.

Swordfish - Level 32

  1. Explain the difference between still and moving water.
  2. Give 3 methods of looking for signs of circulation.
  3. Swim 25 metres front crawl using a recognised breathing technique.
  4. Swim 25 metres breast stroke using a recognised breathing technique.
  5. Swim 25 metres side stroke.
  6. Swim 5 metres perform a forward somersault and swim 5 metres.
  7. Swim 5 metres dolphin leg action.
  8. Using a combination of 3 recognised strokes swim 150 metres.

Swordfish - Level 33

  1. Give an example of a flag used on the beach by lifeguards and why.
  2. Place a casualty in the recovery position.
  3. Swim 5 metres breast stroke holding the glide for 2 seconds between each stroke, using trickle breathing.
  4. Swim 5 strokes of front crawl; away from the poolside, perform a somersault.
  5. Perform a forward somersault extend into aback floating position.
  6. Stand in shallow water/poolside and demonstrate butterfly arm action.
  7. Swim 5 metres to the poolside and perform a throw away turn.
  8. Using a combination of 3 recognised strokes swim 175 metres.

Swordfish - Level 34

  1. Demonstrate how to open an airway and check for breathing.
  2. Perform a safe entry keeping the head clear of the water.
  3. Swim 10 metres breast stroke holding the glide for 2 seconds between each stroke, using trickle breathing.
  4. Push and glide into a forward somersaults with straight legs onto the back.
  5. Scull feet first 5 metres, vertical scull 30 seconds and scull head first 5 metres.
  6. Swim 5 metres breast stroke and demonstrate an appropriate turn at the wall.
  7. Push and glide to a depth of 1 metre using the hands to control the direction.
  8. Using an appropriate and safe entry swim 3 recognised strokes 175 metres.

Swordfish - Level 35

  1. Throw a rope to casualty 2 metres from the poolside and pull them to safety.
  2. Demonstrate the action to be taken should a casualty start being sick.
  3. Enter safely from poolside and tread water for 30 seconds.
  4. From a standing position somersault, placing both feet on the wall, pushing off onto the back.
  5. Surface dive feet first to the bottom, spring up and over an imaginary line.
  6. Swim dolphin leg kick 5 metres on the back and front.
  7. Towing a casualty swim 3 metres on the back using life saving leg kick.
  8. Using a safe entry swim 3 recognised strokes and turns for 200 metres.