Building Attachment and Trust

The process of learning to swim requires children to be supported in the water and the feeling of that support is a very powerful to which will enhance the bonding relationship with the career and the child.

We always have less time than we think and taking your child swimming is one of the few occasions that your child has your undivided attention.

Taking your baby or child swimming for the first time can be a slightly daunting experience for the carer, especially in the case of any adopted child where their previous water experience may be unknown.

You may have a barrage of questions bounding around your mind, but for the most part there is nothing to worry about.  However having the right introduction and direction from the start is a crucial place to begin.

Swimming is one of the best-loved family activities and children say that it is their favorite pastime.

Swimming helps improve all round fitness but also helps co ordination, balance and brain development.  It can also improve your child’s appetite as babies and children are often hungry after swimming.  This is closely followed by improvement in their sleeping patterns from the physical exertion.

The challenges and achievements that a child will experience further build their own confidence, which can follow through all aspects of their life.

Within our Adoptive parents course we focus on building the bond through the medium of water.  We provide new parents with the confidence and skills to over come any historic water fears and the correct handling to ensure that the child enjoys the water in a safe and fun way.

We also cover the basics required to rescue a child from the water and these skills will ensure that you can always be there.  It may save a life one day.