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Swan Level

Super! You can swim with Susie Swan!

We teach aquatic breathing through pre-warned submersion using the “ready go” system and the natural mammalian diving reflex. You will assist by learning to hold, interact and encourage your child in the correct way, whilst building water confidence in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment.

You are also instructed on basic survival and safety in and around the water and what to do if an emergency should arise.

With practice, progression will lead to competence in the perfomance of the skills. To confirm competence the student should be able to perform the skill with consistent reliabilty, based on:- Introduction, Development, Competence and Consistence.

Swan - Level 1

  1. Answer 2 questions on Adult and baby Pool hygiene.
  2. Answer 2 questions on adult and baby safety around the pool.
  3. Prepare infant by fitting buoyancy aids correctly.
  4. Demonstrate a safe method of entry and exit when taking baby swimming.
  5. Support baby in a tummy down position.
  6. Demonstrate 2 methods of acclimatizing baby to the water.
  7. Using baby bath time activities and games interact with baby.
  8. Demonstrate control and safety when exiting the pool.

Swan - Level 2

  1. Identify the Swimming lesson area.
  2. Enter the water from a sitting position
  3. Using a safe method of support splash the feet on the surface.
  4. Generate sufficient splashing to get face and hair wet.
  5. Using a safe method of support bob up and down in the water. 6. Move through the water on the front kicking legs behind
  6. Blow bubbles in the water.
  7. Create a shape while floating in the tummy up position.

Swan - Level 3

  1. Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the baby’s natural thermostat.
  2. Demonstrate a poolside entry using; a safe holding position to lift baby from poolside into the water, turn around in the water and return to the poolside.
  3. In the tummy down position, with chin on surface, move through the water.
  4. Sweep baby backwards through the water in a half sitting position.
  5. Remain within baby’s comfort zone: wet the face and head area for 2 seconds.
  6. Bob up and down to shoulder depth in water with baby.
  7. Using fun and games move around the pool creating splashes and swirls.
  8. Demonstrate a method of moving along the poolside to a safe exit position.

Swan - Level 4

  1. Give 3 examples of methods used for checking for signs of circulation.
  2. Give 2 examples of ear problems along with the signs and symptoms.
  3. With the aid of another adult, perform a safe exit and entry.
  4. Demonstrate 2 methods of supporting baby in the tummy down position.
  5. Progress from the half sitting position to resting back, while sweeping baby backwards through the water.
  6. Prepare baby for 1 of the following face wetting, splashing or submerging.
  7. Holding hands, pull baby in the tummy down position a round the pool.
  8. Participate in a group activity that encourages smiles and giggles.

Swan - Level 5

  1. Explain the sequence airway, breathing and circulation.
  2. List 5 golden rules when taking baby swimming.
  3. Demonstrate a method of support in the tummy down position for assisting baby to splash the feet.
  4. Supporting baby in the tummy up position, head resting on adults shoulder.
  5. With assistance, baby to perform a poolside entry into the arms of an adult.
  6. Pull/guide baby around the pool in the tummy up and down position.
  7. Participate in a group activity that encourages smiles, giggles and splashing.
  8. Demonstrate a method of moving along the poolside to a safe exit position.