Safety at First Strokes

The safety of our team, children and parents is our priority. We may be experiencing new challenges, but we will continue to provide excellent swimming tuition and a safe swimming environment.

At First Strokes you can take a dip with the knowledge that we will ensure vigorous cleaning practices and adhere to the latest guidelines from the government and Swim England. We will also monitor and implement any changes as and when they happen.

This means that at this time;

Social distancing

Our predominantly water- based teacher’s will support the children with long arm support techniques and additional equipment where possible.

We are asking customers to respect a safe distance, in line with the current guidelines.

We will be using child-friendly low-level signage to help distancing throughout our centres.

We suggest that all adults and children over 12 years wear a mask whilst in changing rooms during busy times.


Hand sanitising stations are available to use at each centre.

Additional staff to ensure cleaning is carried out at each change of class to prepare for the next class.

Additional training has been undertaken by all our staff to ensure they are able to be responsible for cleaning and sanitising around the whole centre.

Our team will work together to provide a safe environment for their team and our customers.

Personal Protection

We advise that face coverings should be worn in the changing areas and viewing room during busy times. 

Under NO circumstances can masks be worn in the pool.

What will be available at First Strokes

Our timetables will continue to operate as usual offering swimming tuition to all our swimmers.

Bookings will be required for Just Swim session, with an undertaking that public swimmers keep to the swimming rules.

Your Swimming Lessons

We ask all our swimmers to come to their lessons and to arrive 5 minutes before their lesson begins.

Children are asked to line up on the fun feet to wait until their lessons commence (parents are able to wait with their child).

They will enter the pool and sit on the poolside bench (parents must then leave and return to the viewing room)

After the lesson children will go straight through to the shower area where they can meet their parents.

We kindly ask swimmers to take a maximum of 15 minutes to quickly shower and get dressed before the next class enter the changing areas.

Our Coffee Shops will be open to cater for all your food and drinks.

Swimming Payments

You are able to pay for lessons by card at our reception.

You will be able to look at your current balance at myfirststrokes.

Just Swim – Public Swimmers

Just swim members will be asked to book in advance for their swim and spaces will be limited.

Helping preserve wellness, health and a positive balance in life. 

Swimming begins here!

The First Strokes Team.